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Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager
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Fast paced romp through the world of hedge fund mania Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager is an insider's view of the high stakes money management world. In a distinctly straightforward, and at times humorous narrative, Keith McCullough and Rich Blake take you on the journey of a young and successful hedge fund manager and former junior hockey player from Thunder Bay, Ontario as he gets recruited to the Ivy League, stumbles on to the nexus of the hedge fund universe, and then gets a crack at running his own pile, becoming one of the best portfolio managers on the Street. But when the young portfolio manager finds himself working for one of the world's most prestigious firms-helping to run their hedge fund operation right as the market is starting to crack in 2007-McCullough becomes a lonely voice of reason in an world that rewards group think and disregards the adage about past performance having no bearing on future results. When McCullough finds himself shown the door, the story takes a fascinating turn into the world of independent research and no holds barred critic. * Shows the unvarnished truth of how Wall Street and hedge funds really operate * Deftly details how to analyze the markets expertly and avoid group think using technical and fundamental measures * Each topic is thoroughly discussed and followed up with lessons you can take away and put to use Written with the authority of someone who knows how Wall Street and hedge funds work, yet accessible to even a cursory follower of finance, Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager mixes constructive critique of the investment industry while exploring fundamental lessons that any investor will find valuable.

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